Thursday, January 29, 2009


Good morning lovelies. I feel like I ate a brick last night. Seriously. Had the best meal ever but it was so so bad for me. We had a work meeting at one of my favorite expensive restaraunts "Seven". We started with two bottles of cabernet sauvignon, calimari, and crab cakes. Yummy... Then for the main course we had the Seven Filet, which is an 8oz filet topped with king crab and bolognese sauce. For the sides, which they serve family style for the whole table, were spicy hash browns with jalepenos and peppers, creamed spinach, and steamed mushrooms. Then for dessert, yes we got dessert, we had a vanilla bean creme brulee and this decadent bread pudding with a side of vanilla ice cream. Just writing about it makes me feel like my stomach will explode. In my defense I only had one bite of dessert and lots of spinach : )

Also, my boss told me last night that it's looking more and more like I'm going to be moving to DALLAS!!!!!!

Poor Mike had a terrible night. Without going into detail, there were major issues at work and he was in the office until 12:30. I would not want his job, his salary maybe, but not the job. Hopefully things clear up today so he isn't as stressed out.

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