Monday, July 7, 2008

oh what fun

so i think i may dying. let's add to the syptoms...this morning i woke up at 2am to find that my right eye was completely swollen shut and oozing puss, yum i know. so now i'm going to go to the doctor and try not to kill anyone driving with only one eye. ooh maybe i'll get an eye patch!!!

on the flip side, me and the boyfriend made up. shocker. we are slightly ridiculous sometimes but oh well.


well, another lovely day of being sick. not sure what's wrong with me. here are my symptoms:
1. stiff neck
2. sore throat
3. migraines all day long
4. stuffy nose
5. body aches
6. fever
7. vomiting- that's a new one as of an hour ago

fun huh? thankfully there isn't much work to be done today so I'm off the hook.

of course my lovely boyfriend was going to come over and watch movies last night to cheer me up but he fell asleep at 5 because he was at an amusement park all day with the guys and the sun wore him out. did he call to check on me or cancel? nah, he just slept. so when i left him a bitchy voicemail he felt the need to call at 2am and tell me that I'm high maintenance and that if I'm going to flip out everytime I don't get my way no one will ever make me happy. Wow thanks for being so nice babe. really.

meet the parents

so in a sad turn of events, Millionaire's grandma died on Thursday. We were making pizza and goofing around when he got the call. He actually cried which threw me off because he NEVER cries or even comes close. So then he asks if I'll come with him. Of course I said yes and we started looking for the earliest flight out. Then his dad calls and says that his mother is hysterical and is being medicated and his slightly screwed up older brother is coming as well. So then we rethink the whole meet the family thing. We decide I'll stay home because this might be an akward time to introduce me to the family. He put it this way (which I found very sweet) "When you meet my family I want it to be all about you and this weekend it wouldn't be. But I want you to know that it's really important to me that you meet my family soon. " Awwww. And he calls me a couple times a day telling me he misses me. Very cute. (Of course I feel like a selfish ass for finding this romantic seeing as his grandma just died. )