Tuesday, October 9, 2007


For those of you who do not watch sex and the city so much that you feel like the show is part of your life.....

Aden was Carrie's (the main character) 2nd great love. He was a strong, kind, handsome man who would have done anything for her. She cheated on him with Big and he forgave her and took her back and even asked her to marry him-she screwed it up. Here's hoping I don't do the same!

I sit on the Executive Board of a co-ed marketing and sales fraternity in my college. Aden pledged the semester after I did and he now sits on the Executive Board as well. We have been friends going on three years now and I always thought he was hot but never was attracted to him because #1 he was very quiet #2 he had never had a real girlfriend #3 i thought he was 2 years younger than me.......well he started body building-again he's not a meathead lol- about 1 year ago and is now ridiculously built which has given him a lot more confindence so he is more outgoing, funny, etc. He is also a virgin.......this makes things interesting. Well I was extremely sick the week before last hence the lack of blogging. Anyway, he came to visit and watch movies with me to keep me company every day that week and he took me out to lunch one of the days. So we kind of accidentally started dating. The nights spent watching movies on opposite ends of the couch turned into cuddling and staying up all night talking. I'm still a little wary since he has never had a real girlfriend but I'm gonna take my chances. He is the nicest guy ever but he is also a real guy's guy too.

So far he is incredibly sweet, very cuddly-which I love!!-and the biggest perk, he agreed to watch Sex and the City one night and liked it so now we've started watching all the seasons in order....so far we have watched seasons one and two already. He's addicted lol : )

We'll see how it goes!! Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted!! It has been a crazy week!! Since I couldn't find employment elsewhere, I went back to the hellhole. The funny thing is, with the husband in charge everything is actually great! No drama, I'm actually getting stuff done and I might get promoted!

Also, there is a new boy in the picture! Oddly enough, he has the same name as Mr. Big which sucks. He is like my Aden. I've known him for 3 years from school and we've always been friends but he was always a little quiet for my taste. Well the past year he took up body building-no he isn't a meathead lol- and he is now ripped as hell which is a perk and he's also got a lot more confidence because of it and is more outgoing. Well apparently a few weeks ago he started to like me and now in the past week we have spent almost every day together. Here's the kicker- he's a virgin!!!! Yes ladies, that's right, the rare male creature that it usually associated with pocket protectors and thick-rimmed glasses is actually a hot, smart, funny, nice guy! I'm still a little wary. I know he's a great guy because I've been friends with him for so long, but at the same time he's never had a girlfriend so I'm wondering if he'll turn into one of those clingly boys that follows you around everywhere. Only time will tell. For now I'll just sit back and enjoy the view haha.

More to come when I get time!!!!