Friday, June 27, 2008

the airport floor


Let me tell you about my lovely little trip. I leave the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport headed for a layover in Charlotte. The plane takes off-then immediately lands! The passengers all began to look concernced. The pilot then gets of the speakerphone and says (and I quote) "Uuummmm....sorry folks this is kinda embarassing but we seem to have forgotten to put fuel in the plane, it's gonna be a bit of a wait." SERIOUSLY?? How the F do you forget to fuel a freaking plane???? And so began the journey from hell. After 2 hours on the runway waiting for the forgotten fuel we finally took off.

I arrive in Charlotte where I have to RUN at full speed to make my connecting flight only to get there and have them tell us - oops! another delay! This time they didn't even tell us why, I like to think it's because everyone who works at US Airways is completely off their rockers and should not be allowed to fly planes. I finally arrive in Atlanta, 6 HOURS LATE. It then takes them almost 2 hours just to give us our bags which were on the same damn plane we were! What took so long? Was the crew taking a nap before unloading the luggage? It would seem so!

So now I'm in a really really crappy mood. All I want to do is get in my rental, go to the hotel and take a long hot shower and go to bed. But of course life is never that simple. I get to the Hertz place hop in my sweet ride (Nissan Murano-not bad actually except I hated the headrest but that's another story) when I realize this is a car that starts at the push of a button! Neato right? Umm not so much when the freaking car won't start and I don't know why. I don't know how to use these keyless cars why don't they give instructions!!! So feeling more angry and pissed I grab an attendant and inform him the car won't start to which he responds "Uummmm, MAM, you have to push the brake for 3 seconds while you push the button. " All the while looking at me like I'm a pitiful little woman who shouldn't be allowed to drive. Seriously dude how the hell am I supposed to know to push the brake for 3 seconds when no one f-ing tells you that? And don't call me MAM you're like 10 years older than me you loser!!!

And yes, it gets worse..........

The trip was pointless to begin with, training on how to give presentations when I just graduated from college and gave probably 314 presentations in the last 2 years alone. So I was irritated about the waste of time to begin with, then they put us all in the smallest room ever! Picture if you will 1 crazy instructor (with bright red hair that flips on one side and has giant blond chunks on the other) 12 guys who act like they're in middleschool the whole week, and 3 girls (Me, my old roomy, and one other chick) all cramped into a 1ox12 room that has no AC- in Atlanta, GA!!! and it also has the most awful, painful chairs ever invented. We were trapped there for 9 hours a day for 4 days straight. Needless to say, by Thursday afternoon not only was I ready to go home I was also in desperate need of a spinal adjustment.

And so begins the end of the trip from hell. I get to the Atlanta Airport (the busy airport in the world fyi) and thankfully make it through security in only 45 minutes. I get to my gate about an hour early which was fine because I needed dinner anyway, only to see that because of bad weather my plane is delayed a half hour. That's fine, no big deal. So I grab a hotdog (my stomach was already in need of pumping after 4 days of hotel food and catered crap at training so I figured what the hell) Well, a half hour passes and they inform us that the plane will be another 45 minutes late. I'm more than annoyed by now because I just want to go home! As it was I wasn't going to make it home until midnight. Long story short, I didn't end up flying out until 4 hours later. I arrived in Charlotte around 12:30 AM only to find that my flight left without me. I was then informed that Charlotte airport will not reopen until 5 am and I couldn't get a flight until 7:30. So I told them to give me a hotel room voucher and they inform me and the crowd that since it was due to weather they will not give us anything, furthermore we could not sleep at our gate on the "comfy" chairs or we would be arrested for trespassing.

To keep herself from getting killed by the mob, the lady then told us we were more than welcome to sleep on the floor at baggage claim. REALLY????? So me and Ashley-another trainee who ended up on my flight- decided to get nice and drunk. We found the airport bar that was about to close and tried to get some beers and food. We were informed that all they had was Jeager and Salt and Vinegar chips. So that's what we had for dinner. Straight shots of Jeager and Salt and Vinegar chips......I really will need my stomach pumped.


After consuming our gourmet spread we went to investigate the sleeping situation. Here is what we found:

To avoid sleeping on top of random strangers we chose a secluded spot on the freezing cold floor such as this one.

Good times. My back is now screaming at me to give it heavy pain killers. So as we lay on the floor shivering in the cold AC I tried to pretend that my laptop was really a pillow. NOT SO MUCH. Finally at 4 am ------ 3 hours after we first laid down------ some random airport worker comes over and is like "Oh hey we have pillows and little blankets why are you sleeping on your laptop? " OH MY GOD!!!!! Let's see maybe because you jackasses didn't GIVE us any blankets or pillows!!!!!! So by that time I was already half awake so I sat in a chair until the airport opened up at 5am. I then slept on the floor at my gate until boarding. This flight was also an hour late and was also overbooked by 7 people. Thankfully two old people volunteered to take a later flight and me and another guy got first class seats!! That was the only highlight of the trip. Of course I slept the entire flight so I didn't really get to enjoyt the first class experience to the fullest. (i.e. getting wasted at 8 am on free bloody mary's)-this is what the guy next to me did. Good times.
Feel free to pity me : )

Saturday, June 21, 2008

On the road again

Well I'm getting ready to fly to Atlanta for a week! Even though I'll be training it should still be a good time. My old roomate will be there as well as 10 other trainees. As salespeople it's our duty to drink with each other so I'm sure we will have some good times.

On the man front, Millionaire spent the night last night. My next door neighbor was hitting on me in the laundry room and creeped me out so I was a little scared of sleeping alone (ok not really that much but it sounded good) Anyway, so I told him that and he agreed to come over. It was actually really fun, we just watched movies and talked and laughed til like 3am without fighting at all : ) We both said we're still mad but whatever.

When I get back from the ATL I will tell about all of my adventures there. Until then, have a great week.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

i miss him

When I was in junior high I had poster that hung on my wall for years. I'm sure it was thrown away in a fit of redecorating but I loved it. It read:

Some people come into our livesand leave footprints on our hearts

and we are never ever the same.
Some people come into our lives and quickly go...
Some stay for awhile and embrace our silent dreams.
They help us become aware of the delicate winds of hope...
and we discover within every human spirit there are wings yearning to fly.
They help our hearts to see that the only stairway to the stars is woven with dreams...
and we find ourselves unafraid to reach high.
They celebrate the true essence of who we are...
and have faith in all that we may become.
Some people awaken us to new and deeper realizations...
for we gain insight from the passing whisper of their wisdom
Throughout our lives we are sent precious souls...
meant to share our journey however brief or lasting their stay
they remind us why we are here.
To learn... to teach... to nurture... to love
Some people come into our lives to cast a steady light
upon our path and guide our every step
their shining belief in us helps us to believe in ourselves.
Some people come into our lives to teach us about love...
The love that rests within ourselves.
Let us reach out to others and feel the bliss of giving
for love is far richer in action than it ever is in words.
Some people come into our lives
and they move our souls to sing and make our spirits dance.
They help us to see that everything on earth is part of the incredibility of life...
and that it is always there for us to take of its joy.
Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts
and we are never ever the same.
~by Flavia Weedn~

The poster didn't include the entire poem but it's the first lines (and the last) that grab me. I feel so blessed to have certain people in my life. My family, my friends, old lovers, and there are the people I have yet to meet. There is one person in particular that I always think of when I read this poem. He loved me and I loved him. We both still love each other in a different way I suppose. I remeber the first time I saw him, standing in the airport so nervous...holding a hot pink rose for me. And I remember standing in his kitchen wrapped in a gray towel, my hair still wet from the shower, smelling that still perfect rose. He was doing something in the kitchen but I remember he looked at me and I just felt so loved in that moment. Why I broke his heart I will never know. I ask myself that question almost every day. We are still close friends, which is strange. I've dated other people and so has he. His current girlfriend is wonderful for him. She's beautiful and seems to have a big heart and I can tell she makes him happy. All I want for him is happiness and I'm glad that he has found it. I'll admit there is a part of me that aches for him from time to time. Days like today when I have nothing to do but relax with a good book, and I can't help but think how nice it would be to look over and see him on the couch next to me with a book of his own, his dog and my cat between us. It could be that in this new city I'm just very lonely and have too much time on my hands to think about the past. But for whatever reason....I miss him today.

I'm ba-ack.....this could be a bad thing

Ok, I recently moved to Minneapolis and have no friends or family. I dumped my bf today and have been consoling myself with some amazing wine and blog-reading. My personal favorite? SLynnRo...amazing...her blog: Random Rantings.

Anyways, I'm not a great write but I do tend to have interesting things to talk about. Ok at least they're interesting to me. Today I am writing about the most recent (aka 2 hours ago) ex boyfriend whom I will refer to as Millionaire....seriously he was. Word to the gold-digging whores out there-get a life! Money so does not buy happiness. Millionaire is the most depressed person ever!! Anyways, we met when I was in search of an apartment for my impending move. He builds condos so I emailed him with questions about his building- um fyi I cannot afford his $1 mil condos. Anyways we hit it off and began an email relationship which moved to IMing and then texting. Ridiculous. He then flew us to South Beach to meet and to celebrate my birthday. I was amazed. Here he was! The man of my dreams! I don't care about money but damn a trip to South Beach for my bday? Amazing. He was great, we had a fantastic time, etc. Sadly, the long distance for the next 4 months before my move was a strain and we broke up but kept in touch. Finally we decided that once I moved we would try things again. Again he was amazing. My parents helped move me in and he took us around the town, dinner, jazz clubs, the works. My parents fell in love...and so did I(ok well not really but you get the point)

Sadly, this behavior did not last. He became the dreaded "Lazy Boyfriend" for those of you not familiar this is the guy who sweeps you off your feet and then once he "has" you. becomes a lazy useless oaf who wants you to do all the work. Yes he works 12 hours a day and is stressed but hello!!! Take a girl on a date for God's sake! I kid you not, I have been here for a month and we never went on one date, and I never met his friends, and he is selfish in bed. After spending the week contemplating dumping him I decided to do it.

Seriously, I could care less if I'm single forever I will NOT settle for anything less than what I want. And why should I??? Read this article and you will understand my hatred for men at the moment.

And men wonder why we want careers instead of families-because we don't want to marry assholes like you!!!

Ok enough bitching for tonight. I'm going to finish off my wine and listen to good music and enjoy my peaceful solitude. (is it weird that I like be alone more than be around other people? perhaps it's because people suck! if you are my friend you are very special indeed-you know who you are a.k.a. you are the only ones who read my blog.)