Sunday, March 29, 2009

life is crazy

I have a story for you ladies......

5 months ago we got a new manager at my part-time job. There was instant chemistry between us and we had a great time joking around at work and having fun. He had a long-distance girlfriend up until 2 weeks ago........

two weeks ago we were closing the store together and started talking about things like how we could never date because he's my boss, etc. Then somehow we ended up kissing in the backroom. We went out to dinner afterward and talked for a couple hours about what we were going to do...which led to more kissing. The next day he broke things off with his girlfriend and came over to make me dinner. Over the next couple of days we've spent almost every moment together talking and learning more about each other. He's been divorced for the past 2 years, and has an almost 4 year old son. He'll be 30 in April, and wants to go to Mexico this summer with me : )

The only way I can describe things is that it feels right. He and I are both pretty big commitment phobes and yet we both feel that this is just right. More to come..................

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's good to be back

I didn't realize how much I missed blogging! I have literally had no free time in the past two weeks....I have so much reading to catch up on!! I'll give you some updates on my life the past two weeks.....

#1. The whole Paul thing is kinda done. It was weird, he was sick so he didn't want to get together then I was too busy to call him. Then last weekend he was supposed to help move my bed because it's really heaving and big and I never heard from him. Lucky for me, my roommate's brother came to visit and helped me move it. He also asked me out, but he just wasn't my type. So then last night I get a text from Paul saying that he's sorry he blew me off and would like to explain. He said there were a lot of thoughts and things going on in his head that he needed to work out. I still don't know what that means and don't really care. Sorry Paul.

#2. Things at work are good!!! I actually got a meeting to pitch a new product and Trent, my account partner, is on vacation so I'm running the whole meeting myself! And to top it off, the people at Target are bringing like 15 people to the meeting and my team is bringing in about 5 people. That's a big freaking sales meeting. So if I close the deal........promotion? If not.....layoff? We shall see!!

#3. My room is almost done so I can post pictures soon!!!!

#4. I've learned to get by on like 5 hours of sleep per night, however my body is hating me for it.

Other than that, nothing too exciting........ I'm off to give myself and much needed mani-pedi I seriously have missed you all so much!!!! : )

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ok, it's official...I have too much stuff. No matter how many "spring cleanings" I do I still feel like I have too much. Or maybe it's just that my room and bathroom are small. Regardless, I'm sick of moving. I'm sick of my body aching, and not sleeping, and having bruises all over from carrying big awkward pieces of furniture that bump into my legs, I'm sick of not having a moment of rest.

Ok enough complaining. At least I'm almost done then I can relax a little. Hope all of you are having a relaxing weekend!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've missed you all

Sorry it's been so long ladies! I moved finally and had some major issues with internet that I'll explain much to do this week! I'll be back to my regular schedule soon I promise!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



I'm serious, winds blowing at up to 40mph, wind chill of -15 degrees, snow, ice. What a lovely day. At least there's sunshine....although it's not helping to warm me up. Thankfully the only reason I had to leave the house today was to get an MRI on my knees. Here's hoping they can do something to help my poor little knees. This moving crap has done a number on them.
****Ok it's now Friday, I was interrupted and never posted this yesterday. I ventured out with my roomy last night to meet her blind date. Good times. Poor guy didn't know he was getting 2 for 1! We had a good time, and somehow I wound up on the phone with Miranda's brother and he and I are going out Friday night. Other than that I'm working 24/7 the rest of the weekend and when I have free time (haha yeah right) I'll be moving the rest of my stuff into Miranda's. So basically I won't have time to sleep. Awesome! I'll be back to blogging next week though. Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Game Playing

I was recently talking with a friend of mine about game playing and why we hate it. *Luke* is an internet friend that I met through Myspace. He writes a blog about dating, relationships, etc. and while he and I have some very different views on things we always have interesting debates. The one thing we can agree on is how much we hate fake people and how we wish everyone would just show their cards right away.

I find that so many people are desperate for love that they give off an image of what they think the other person wants to see. As *Luke* so eloquently put it, "If I went on a date wearing a Matthew McConaughey mask the woman I'm with would love the way I look, but it wouldn't be the real me."

The same goes for our personalities, our likes and dislikes. I've always been a very up front person. If someone doesn't like me, oh well. I don't want to ever feel like I have to put on an act to get someone to like me. The only friends and lovers I want are people who will love me for me and not want me to be anything other than what I am.

I am strong, I am independent, I am a closet romantic, I am sarcastic, I am sometimes a bitch, I am a go-getter, I am a hard worker, I am a lover, I am a fighter, I am a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, lover, I am me and that's something no one else can be.

Why is it that people are willing to change who they are to make someone love them? If that's what you're doing, then that person doesn't really love you. They love the you that you are portraying. It's sad, but it happens everyday. I think it's one of the biggest reasons for divorce. Ever heard the saying, "We grew apart. We had different interests than we did when we got married. I fell out of love with him/her." The thing is, that while everyone does change somewhat throughout their life, they don't really change that drastically. Could it be that what's really going on is that they stop putting on their mask everyday and eventually the real them comes out?

Have you ever worn a mask to make someone love you?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Skin Care for Oily Skin

In highschool I had some major oily-skin problems. I didn't have the giant red sore type of acne but I had super oily skin which caused hundreds of tiny bumps and pimples all over my face. Back then my solution was make-up to cover it and a few facial products that didn't help much.

Now that I'm older my skin has calmed down quite a bit and I've found a simple routine that works wonders. The girl that does my microderms always gushes about how she loves my skin. Not that my skin is perfect by any means, I still get a few breakouts but my complexion is now very even and I no longer have oil problems.

Now I know my older sister and few others are probably cringing at the Dial soap but trust works!

In the morning I clean my face, neck, shoulders, and back with Biore Tripe Action Astringent. It doesn't burn or dry out my skin and it gets so much oil and dirt off.

After that, I wash my face with just a bit of Dial Gold liquid soap. It's important not to use anything but the Gold. It's antibacterial and moisturizing and has no fragrances in it that I'm aware of. The other kinds can be really irritating. Washing with this helps get anything out of my pores that the astringent missed and also washes away a few litte fuzzies that the cotton balls leave behind after using astringent.

At the end of the day instead of using soap after astringent I use Olay Total Affects Face Wash. I use the 7 Signs kind that treats acne and is anti-aging. Not sure if it really doesn anything for anti-aging but it can't hurt right? This face wash has little crystals in it that scrub your face gently. It's like a mini-microderm every night. It's great for getting make-up off. (Dial soap is also gentle enough to get eye makeup off fyi)

After the above steps are done I use Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. It treats acne without over drying. I only put it on at night every other day so it doesn't clog my pores. In the summer I never use it at night. I always use it before I put on my makeup though.

Does anyone have an unconventional product (like Dial) that they use for their skin?

Imaginary Shopping Trip

I'm tired, and bored on this conference call so I'm going on an imaginary shopping trip. These are items I can't afford and probably wouldn't spend the money on even if I could afford them.

Michael Kors = sexy dressesJimmy Choo these shoes are yummy. And look so hot with the Michael Kors dress above.Diane Von Furstenberg knows classy style. This is my new favorite dress. It's sexy without being over the top, girly and fun with the classic DVF detailing.

Miu Miu I love the bow on the front and the pink detail on the inside of the heel. So flirty and sexy and they look adorable with the DVF dress above.
Catherine Malendrino I love this flowy summer dress and the color would look great with a dark tan and black hair (my favorite look in the summer)Jimmy Choo........I love (almost) all of their shoes. These hot little numbers hurt my feet just looking at them but I still love them so.

Is it March already??

I seriously didn't even realize until today that it was March already. Me thinks I've been too busy lately. I have been painting until about midnight every night (after I get done working a full day at my regular job then work a few hours at my part time job.) What fun!!! Not to mention all of the climbing up and down to do the edging on the walls by the ceiling has been doing some fun things to my knees. I finally called my doctor to set up an MRI for my legs. I really don't want to hear how jacked up my knees really are and have her tell me to get knee replacement, however I need to do something. It was tons of fun when I called and she never ordered one or put any notes in my chart about it, so the nurse refused to schedule it and kept saying "Are you suuuuure she said you needed on??" Umm, no I just made it up. I have great respect for people in the medical field but I seem to always find the nastiest nurses who insist on treating patients like they're just pretending to be sick for the hell of it.

On a lighter note, I'm making some headway with the new house and I should be able to move in next week. Then I'll have roughly a month and a half to get my old place primed and painted, all my addresses changed to the new one, get a MN driver's license, etc.

And yes mom, I am going to come home to visit soon! : )

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Week

Do you know what's depressing? Having your Performance Evaluation with your boss to find out that if your company didn't cancel all raises this year you would have gotten an $11,000 raise. Seriously!! I could have paid off my car with that raise. Or my student loan. I am so freaking annoyed.

In other news, I've been sick for the past week but worked through it and got Miranda's room all done so now I can begin work on my room! Once the house is done I'll post pictures! (If any of you live in the Twin Cities you're invited to our housewarming party - which will happen in the next month or so)

Paul brought me lunch yesterday since I still wasn't feeling well. He's such a sweety. He's in Tampa on business all week which is actually a good thing because I'm crazy busy with work and painting.

I hope all of you are having a lovely week so far. Sorry my posts have been a bit boring the past couple times, I promise when I'm not so busy I'll think of some juicy dating stories from my past to entertain you all.