Friday, March 6, 2009

Imaginary Shopping Trip

I'm tired, and bored on this conference call so I'm going on an imaginary shopping trip. These are items I can't afford and probably wouldn't spend the money on even if I could afford them.

Michael Kors = sexy dressesJimmy Choo these shoes are yummy. And look so hot with the Michael Kors dress above.Diane Von Furstenberg knows classy style. This is my new favorite dress. It's sexy without being over the top, girly and fun with the classic DVF detailing.

Miu Miu I love the bow on the front and the pink detail on the inside of the heel. So flirty and sexy and they look adorable with the DVF dress above.
Catherine Malendrino I love this flowy summer dress and the color would look great with a dark tan and black hair (my favorite look in the summer)Jimmy Choo........I love (almost) all of their shoes. These hot little numbers hurt my feet just looking at them but I still love them so.


Island Girl said...

I'm loving that Catherine Malendrino dress! Oh if I had the money...and the tan!

Anonymous said...

I actually love everything except the last shoes. I MUCH like the black dress! If only I had somewhere to wear a dressy dress :(

Nessa said...

LOVE the MK dress!!! .. now find some killer red shoes to go with it ..ahh.

AmyT said...

I love all those!!!!!