Friday, March 6, 2009

Skin Care for Oily Skin

In highschool I had some major oily-skin problems. I didn't have the giant red sore type of acne but I had super oily skin which caused hundreds of tiny bumps and pimples all over my face. Back then my solution was make-up to cover it and a few facial products that didn't help much.

Now that I'm older my skin has calmed down quite a bit and I've found a simple routine that works wonders. The girl that does my microderms always gushes about how she loves my skin. Not that my skin is perfect by any means, I still get a few breakouts but my complexion is now very even and I no longer have oil problems.

Now I know my older sister and few others are probably cringing at the Dial soap but trust works!

In the morning I clean my face, neck, shoulders, and back with Biore Tripe Action Astringent. It doesn't burn or dry out my skin and it gets so much oil and dirt off.

After that, I wash my face with just a bit of Dial Gold liquid soap. It's important not to use anything but the Gold. It's antibacterial and moisturizing and has no fragrances in it that I'm aware of. The other kinds can be really irritating. Washing with this helps get anything out of my pores that the astringent missed and also washes away a few litte fuzzies that the cotton balls leave behind after using astringent.

At the end of the day instead of using soap after astringent I use Olay Total Affects Face Wash. I use the 7 Signs kind that treats acne and is anti-aging. Not sure if it really doesn anything for anti-aging but it can't hurt right? This face wash has little crystals in it that scrub your face gently. It's like a mini-microderm every night. It's great for getting make-up off. (Dial soap is also gentle enough to get eye makeup off fyi)

After the above steps are done I use Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. It treats acne without over drying. I only put it on at night every other day so it doesn't clog my pores. In the summer I never use it at night. I always use it before I put on my makeup though.

Does anyone have an unconventional product (like Dial) that they use for their skin?


Aliya said...

LOOOOOOOVE that Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer!! I just blogged about it last week! Its amazing :)

Krystyn said...

I don't have any good tips; but I might have to use some of these. I noticed in my most recent picture you could see some redness from a zit!

nikki said...

Nope, just good ol Cetephil for me.

jane in the waiting line said...

dial, who would have thought! i tried to find that lotion the other day but couldn't. will have to go to another place.

Anonymous said...

I ran out of my face wash that I used to use and just washed my face with dial bar soap. My skin cleared up more with the bar soap than with the face washes. I've used it ever since.

Jules said...

Great tips! I have been using Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash and it seems to do the trick.

I think I'll definitely check the Clean & Clear out. I need to moisturize. These are some great tips!

desperate housewife said...

I always use the Clean and Clear dual action in the summer. In the winter I have to use, like, NIGHT CREAM on my face to keep the flakes away. But I'm actually not horrified at all by the use of liquid hand soap. I use it occasionally myself. It does a fine job taking off makeup and if you use an unscented kind they're pretty gentle.