Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm ba-ack.....this could be a bad thing

Ok, I recently moved to Minneapolis and have no friends or family. I dumped my bf today and have been consoling myself with some amazing wine and blog-reading. My personal favorite? SLynnRo...amazing...her blog: Random Rantings.

Anyways, I'm not a great write but I do tend to have interesting things to talk about. Ok at least they're interesting to me. Today I am writing about the most recent (aka 2 hours ago) ex boyfriend whom I will refer to as Millionaire....seriously he was. Word to the gold-digging whores out there-get a life! Money so does not buy happiness. Millionaire is the most depressed person ever!! Anyways, we met when I was in search of an apartment for my impending move. He builds condos so I emailed him with questions about his building- um fyi I cannot afford his $1 mil condos. Anyways we hit it off and began an email relationship which moved to IMing and then texting. Ridiculous. He then flew us to South Beach to meet and to celebrate my birthday. I was amazed. Here he was! The man of my dreams! I don't care about money but damn a trip to South Beach for my bday? Amazing. He was great, we had a fantastic time, etc. Sadly, the long distance for the next 4 months before my move was a strain and we broke up but kept in touch. Finally we decided that once I moved we would try things again. Again he was amazing. My parents helped move me in and he took us around the town, dinner, jazz clubs, the works. My parents fell in love...and so did I(ok well not really but you get the point)

Sadly, this behavior did not last. He became the dreaded "Lazy Boyfriend" for those of you not familiar this is the guy who sweeps you off your feet and then once he "has" you. becomes a lazy useless oaf who wants you to do all the work. Yes he works 12 hours a day and is stressed but hello!!! Take a girl on a date for God's sake! I kid you not, I have been here for a month and we never went on one date, and I never met his friends, and he is selfish in bed. After spending the week contemplating dumping him I decided to do it.

Seriously, I could care less if I'm single forever I will NOT settle for anything less than what I want. And why should I??? Read this article and you will understand my hatred for men at the moment.

And men wonder why we want careers instead of families-because we don't want to marry assholes like you!!!

Ok enough bitching for tonight. I'm going to finish off my wine and listen to good music and enjoy my peaceful solitude. (is it weird that I like be alone more than be around other people? perhaps it's because people suck! if you are my friend you are very special indeed-you know who you are a.k.a. you are the only ones who read my blog.)

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Thanks for the compliments! And for stopping by and leaving a comment! I blush!