Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Favorite Things...a post in pictures

I have these in blue and green (see previous post: http://lifeofasinglegirl2007.blogspot.com/2008/11/new-shoes.html)
My addiction
My current music obsession
Fav purses
Much better than Starbucks
My fuzzy white bathrobe
Sexy style, classic, beautiful
Yes I own every episode, the movie, the book, the kiss and tell behind the scenes book, and both soundtracks....don't pretend you don't love it as much as I do!
My spoiled rotten baby Reagan (not named after the president)
Cabernet Sauvignon...my fav wine
Beautiful stilettos ..... painful but sooo worth it!
My family
My lovely babies! (ok they're my sister's babies but whatever!)


nikki said...

Oh my gosh I want those shoes in green. Unfortunately my fat pregnant feet won't fit into them. But man after this kid pops out I'm feeling a shoe shopping trip is in order.

RachelAnn said...

I got them on Ebay for $15!!!! I love Ebay, that's where I got my Kate Spade purse too