Monday, January 26, 2009

Worst Blind Date Ever!

Ok since I haven't had any juicy stories about men lately I thought I would share a funny story from the past. This is about a blind date my older sister set me up on. I love her to death, but will never let her set me up again. This all happened about 3 years ago. It was summer, I was a conference for work and got a call from her. "There's this new guy I met and you'd love him! He's really hot and blah blah blah." I was intrigued. Usually, I am against blind dates but it had been a slow summer and I was bored. I asked my brother-in-law what he thought of the guy, thinking he would be straight with me. (Thanks a lot Jim!)

Let's fast forward a week or so later. I get a call from .. let's call him Jim-Bob because that suits him more than his real name. So Jim-Bob calls me to set up a date, he seems a little annoying on the phone but I chalked it up to nerves. We agreed to meet at a restaurant for dinner and drinks. He picked the place. I get there and the place has already closed. Sweet, way to plan ahead buddy. So he then suggests going accross the street TO THE BOWLING ALLEY. Umm seriously dude? Not happening. I suggest that we simply stop at the local Buffalo Wild Wings because I knew some of my friends were there and they could rescue me. By the way, Jim-Bob was totally not hot and had a very annoying voice.

We get to BWW and lo and behold my first bf was there! Now he and I "dated" for like a month when I was 15 and never even kissed but he's a sweety and I knew he would save me. We sat down at his table and I tried to get the point accross that I was not interested in Jim-Bob but he wouldn't take the hint and leave. I fake being tired and say my goodbyes only to have Jim-Bob follow me out. I say thanks for a lovely evening, etc. and tell him goodbye only to have creepo follow me home. He then has the balls to invite himself in to watch tv. I tell him no, I'm going to bed, and he insists that it's still early and we never got a chance to talk so he walks right in and turns on Law and Order. Seriously, are you kidding me? Does he think that this is going to turn into some couch time cuddling or what not? Too bad buddy, this girl is in no mood to put up with your shenanigans. I literally had to fake falling asleep within like ten minutes of him turning on the tv until finally AN HOUR LATER when the show was over he "woke me up" to tell me he was leaving. I was kind of rude at this point because I was pissed that he invited himself in and then sat there watching tv while I "slept". I said goodbye and pretty much shut the door in his face before he could ask for another date.

I was home this past Christmas and just my luck, ran into him TWICE. Mind you, it's a rather small town but it's not that small and I wasn't home that long at all. Gaaah. I pretended I didn't know him. Is that mean? Have any of you ever had a horrific blind date?

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