Thursday, January 29, 2009

Male Engagment Rings

I've been IMing with my friend/co-worker Jason, who lives in Atlanta. He's getting married in May, and I didn't find this out until I was in NY. We were talking today about how awkward he feels because he has to give the "I'm engaged" disclaimer whenever he meets a girl. I suggested a male engagement ring. Now, women have suggested this for years but it never caught on. Why not? I'm convinced it's because men want to be able to still play the field or at least flirt a lot without letting girls know they're engaged. It's so unfair! Women walk around with a ring on their hand that might as well be a flashing neon sign that says "Back off! I'm getting married!" (Although a lot of guys could care less if a woman is engaged.) I think we ladies need to start a petition and make guys wear engagement rings. Fair is fair gentlemen.

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A Balancing Act in Heels said...

Men in love just tend to be more radiant and attractive!

But, I suggest he not smile so much! JK