Monday, January 19, 2009

Online Dating

Ok......I've had pretty darn good luck when it comes to online dating. Then I get messages like this:

How Beautiful You are In my mind As I see your loveliness For the first time I see a perfect sculpture Of heavenly features The Gods above Have bestowed upon you Dark lustrous Hair, Mysterious Eyes. Features Of a Goddess I wonder if the Gods Above In the court Of Zues Will become jealous If ever they knew My heart skipped a beat The moment I laid My eyes upon Their most prescious Creation. Your beautiful face Is an image That will dwell eternally Within my treasured thoughts Your sensuous beautiful eyes Stare deep into my soul Making me feel aglow Before your presence.

WTF!!!!! Umm I'm sorry am I in a mythological movie about a creepy dwarf, elves, and mystical creatures??


Jana said...

As if the fantasy stuff isn't bad enough, but could that creep have included any more run-on sentences? Ew.

nikki said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm, an idea: a blog where all the ridiculous/creepy/inane online dating messages can be collected.