Thursday, January 22, 2009

Man Update

Me and Mike in South Beach

Well, I haven't written about men for awhile because there really wasn't much to write. But I have an update! Mike (see previous posts: and I finally sat down and talked last night about us. I may be getting transferred to Dallas, TX soon and figured he and I better figure things out before I get the call to move.

Mike is not the best at talking about "feelings", typical man, so I wasn't sure how things would go when we actually talked about everything. We broke up in September and didn't speak for months until Thanksgiving. Since then we've seen each other twice and talked on the phone almost everyday. So we talked about things and agreed that we still love each other and don't want to see anyone else, but we still aren't sure if we're right for each other. But we decided to give it another try, take things slow and see where they go. If I get transferred then he'll fly to see me and fly me up to see him as much as possible and we'll go from there.

I'm happy, but cautious at the same time. I'm glad that we're on the same page and that we agreed to try again, but I'm going to work very hard-and so is he-to not have the same problems as before. My fingers are crossed : )


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Jana said...

Good luck!! And if you do get transferred to Texas, you're going to love it!

RachelAnn said...

Thanks! I'm excited now that I know he wants to make things work and is willing to do long distance.