Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New York City!!

I'm baaa-aaaack!!!! The trip as amazing. Much better than expected.

Saturday: I got in at 3 and one of my best friends drove up from PA and she and I went shopping in all the designer shoe stores....I wasn't impressed. It was sad, the salespeople weren't dressed well, the shoes were cute but nothing that special, and the stores themselves looked a little run down. Then we met our other friend for dinner at Sushi Samba (and me and Brandy, the losers we are were excited because this was in an episode of Sex and the City once lol) After that we went to about 7 different bars and had an amazing time. We dance for hours and then we back to pass out in my (amazing) hotel room. Somehow I got bumped to the Premier Towers- and my hotel was ON BROADWAY.

Sunday: Went to the tradeshow floor to set up my station and met a lot of work people, did some hard labor and a little networking. Then that night I had a dinner meeting with my client and some of the big wigs from my company. We ate at Angelo's which was amazing. We all had a bit too much wine at dinner so we decided that since we had already paid for the limo for the night we would take advantage of it and do some bar hopping! We went to McSorley's which is the oldest bar in New York, it was so cool. Look it up some time, there was a show about it on the History Channel once. So we got more drunk and met some adorable old guys who told us dirty jokes and stories about the bar. I also somehow got the nickname Captain while I was there. Then we went to Jimmy's Corner. For those of you that aren't fans of Mohammad Ali, Jimmy's Corner is owned by Jimmy who was his corner man in the ring and his trainer at the gym when he was a fighter. Jimmy's a lot older now but still kicking and stays at the bar all night long. Turns out that my boss's boss is friends with him!! So we stayed there pretty late and finally turned in around 3.

Monday: Get to the tradeshow at 8am, very tired and hungover as was everyone else there : ) The show went well and I actually kicked ass on my presentations (yay!) My feet were killing after 10 hours on the floor but we all decided to go out again. I mean, it was my first time in NY and I never get to see these people! So we go out and decide to go to this bar that one of the big wigs, who happens to love me :), told me about because he and I both play piano. It's called Don't Tell Mamma and it is cool as hell, just look it up. People from Broadway sometimes play there. Well, one of the younger guys there who I'm friends with asked them to let me play and they did!!! I got to play jazz at a world famous bar! I played a piano that Broadway stars have played!! AMAZING!!! And Beth Eunice was singing that night and she autographed her cd and gave it to me, she's awesome!! And I think she's been on tv before, she's trying to get on Broadway and I think she'll make it. It gets even better.... We go to Jimmy's Corner again later on and I got to sit and talk to Jimmy for like 2 hours about Ali, and about Miles Davis-who he grew up with! This was one of the best nights of my life.....I already miss New York. I ended up going to bed at 4 and getting up at 5:30 for my next meeting with my client. I fell like I'd been run over by a few taxis, then they backed up and ran over me again.

Tuesday: Went to our New York offices. Which were also amazing. They're on the 35th floor of the new building next to Ground Zero. The walls are glass so you look out and see the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero and it's just so eerie. The meeting went well, then I went back to the show where everyone was calling me Captain because they heard about our night on Sunday. So that's my name now, call me Captain! The show went well again, it was just a long long long painful day. After the show was over we tore down the stations and waited for our pallets to come so we could ship them and I ended up passing out on the floor so people took turns tickling me to wake me up, I almost punched someone it was pretty fun-NOT. I hate being tickled. So finally I got to bed and the flew home this morning.

(I'll post pics in a new post, it's not working in this one for some reason.)

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