Friday, January 30, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Meet Brian! One of my best friends in the world. Also a sort-of ex from college. We tried dating for a few weeks but realized we both talk to much to date each other : ) He lives in Cali right now for his job so thankfully when I can't sleep, like I couldn't AGAIN last night, it's never too late to call him for a heart to heart. We talked for about two hours about life and love and all that goes with it. He's soon to be 28, used to be in the Navy for a long time which is why he started college late. Neither of us feels anywhere near ready for marriage or kids right now and yet most of our mutual friends are either already married, or engaged, or have kids already. We think that it's best if we enjoy our single life and try to fill it with travel and fun (as much as our budgets will allow of course.) And.....we decided that if I get the transfer to Dallas, and he gets the transfer to Boston that he wants, we're gonna celebrate in Vegas for a long weekend with our friends. Now I have even more reason to want the transfer!!!! I feel like calling my boss and begging "Pretty please move me to Dallas!!!" but I don't think that would really go with the whole "professional" thing I have going on right now. I'm ready to strap on some cowboy boots and hit the road!


A Balancing Act in Heels said...

Awww...he's a cutie! :) I hope you get to go to Vegas!

P.S. I love all the dresses that you suggested. Girl, you know my style! I spent an hour looking at that website and admiring all the dresses! Thanks so much!! (The first link you sent me is my fave!)


Undomesticated Newlywed said...

haha...thanks goodness I don't have to share clothes with him! Then I'd be really pissed!!!