Friday, January 30, 2009

If you wanna be my gotta get with my friends

Remember that song? Ahh the Spice Girls. As annoying as this group is, they have a point. If a guy wants to be my boyfriend I would like them to be friends with my friends. Here's what's always been one of my biggest problems with Mike. He has absolutely no interest in hanging out with, or meeting my friends. Also, he doesn't have many friends here because he's new to town as well and works all the time. The whole time we were dating last year neither of us met any of the others friends or family. (Except for him meeting my parents when they helped move me in-which is the ONLY reason he met them. I don't like to do the whole "parents" thing early on.) It always bothered me, and we fought about it but he just said that since he doesn't drink he doesn't want to hang out with me and my friends when we're drinking. Let me clarify that I really don't drink that much so this always irritates me.

Anywhoooooo, the reason for my annoyance today is that #1. He never called me back last night because he had a work meeting or whatever #2. My work friends and I are going bowling tonight and I asked if he wanted to come and of course his answer was "That's not really my scene to be at a bowling alley with a bunch of drunk people. Let's hang out after." To which I replied, "Will you answer your phone if I call you when I'm done?" I then got the "you have an attitude" speech, we both got annoyed, and he said he'd call later.

Why is it that we're so compatible when we're alone, but he has no desire to meet my friends and even try to have fun? I'm a social girl, my friends are everything to me and especially the ones here because I have so few of them!

Why is it so hard??

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Rosemarie said...

I once had a boyfriend who didn't care for my friends and never wanted to hang out with them.

We're no longer together.

It's not fair to you if he's that selfish.

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