Thursday, January 29, 2009


I just read Jana's post about standing in line behind a woman wearing socks with her high heels!!! This inspired me to make a list of my favorite fashion faux pas that happen all around me on a daily basis.
This first picture shows a crime committed by girls everywhere. low-rise pants + thong = plumber chic

This next one is particular favorite of mine. flip flops + socks = camel toe Why in God's name would you voluntarily wear this??????? It wouldn't even be comfortable would it??

This one is a classic. The muffin top. Now this woman isn't fat, but she has
chosen to wear clothes that are way too small, and a shirt that is way too short thinking it makes her look skinnier. Um no dear, it does not. Try pants that fit and shirt the actually covers your waist! It'll look like you've lost 10lb I swear!

Fur-lined boots, with a mini-skirt and a tank top. What's wrong with this picture? I'll tell you. While many teenage girls think this look is cute, it's not! You look ridiculous! If it's hot enough to wear a short skirt and tank top, you don't need freaking furry boots on your feet!!!

Ahh the tube top. What is there to say about this lovely creation? No support so your boobs just hang unless you wear a strapless bra, which, let's face it, the woman who wear tube tops are not likely to have on. The stomach shows, which can lead to the muffin top situation and/or the thong hanging out.

Oh Hilary.....ever since P.S. I love you I have loathed you. You stole almost 2 hours of my life with that crappy film. Now I'm getting my revenge! The see-through shirt with no bra. Tacky, Gross, Obvious, and Sad.

Eva, Eva, Eva. What were you thinking? First of all, the sequins and flowery crap on this dress are tacking enough but the colors? Why would you think that wearing a dress that basically cuts you in half with block colors that don't even match, looks good? If the dress was all red it could work, all pink and you would be a Barbie doll. Together? It just doesn't work.

This picture combines numerous no-no's. #1. Socks with sandals, #2. wearing clothes that look like pajamas, #3. Matching outfits-this should not be done unless you are 5 yr old twins , #4. Short shorts on a man. There are many more issues with this photo but I think I've said enough. They do look like cute little grandparents though. : )

This man demonstrates one of my least favorite "trends". Men in skinny jeans. Well, I don't particularly care for skinny jeans on women either but it's sooooo much worse on men. Doesn't it hurt your man bits to wear this??? Doesn't it bother you when people think you're a woman and have to do a double take when they realize you're a guy?? Have some pride, wear normal clothes.

Feel free to add any that you can think of : )


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Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures. Will make me stop and take note that I am not violating any rules when leaving the house. Thanks!

Jana said...

Too funny! One of my pet peeves is guys wearing jeans that are five sizes too big so that the waist hangs below the hips revealing boxer shorts. Gross. I can't believe that fashion trend hasn't died yet!

Krystyn said...

That first one, I like to call "whale-tailing" because, well, it looks like a whale tale!

And, the see through shirt? I would just be embarrassed.

I'm pretty sure I haven't committed any of these crimes!

A Balancing Act in Heels said...

Amen!! LOL

I agree with all of these Fashion Don'ts! I especially don't get the summer outfit with uggs!