Friday, January 23, 2009

Losing Sleep

Well, another night not being able to go to sleep. For some reason the past few weeks it takes me forever to fall asleep. I even tried some Advil PM on the nights I worked out before bed and even that didn't help. Then all day I'm tired and just want to nap. I'm taking a supplement called Boost something or other that I got at my gym. It's supposed to increase metabolism and energy. It has given me more energy but then I'm still left with the problem of not sleeping much during the night. I've always been more of a night person, I feel that I think better at night. There's just something about the night, the dark, a few candles burning, the whole world is quiet for awhile. I just love it. Although I would also love to go to sleep right now.

Today I talked to my friend Dominique, she's from my hometown and we graduated from college together with the same double major. She's crazy and wonderful and I love her. She and her fiance live in Dallas and she's going nuts at the prospect of me moving there. She got me all excited about it. Now that I know Mike is willing to do long distance I want to move. I just still don't know what my boss is thinking. I'm pretty nervous about it to be honest. If I don't move I'm not going to make much money on my account because they're losing money and cutting back orders. If I do move I'll be taking over a new territory and will have to start all over in my job. Although I do love change, and I love warm weather and country music and horseback riding etc. Plus I would actually have a good friend already waiting for me! I have friends here but not the type that I would stay close with long term.

I'm just praying that I find out soon if I'm going or not. If I'm not I need to find a new cheaper apt. for when my lease is up; if I am going I need to start apt. hunting in Dallas. So much to think about! At least I don't have to stress about Mike anymore. I feel very at ease with where we are now. We're both on the same page, we want the same things, and we're taking it very slow.

AAH WHY CAN'T I SLEEP????? I even tried taking a relaxing bath and lighting candles, that usually does the trick and helps me get sleepy. Ok maybe if I turn off the computer and shut all the lights off it'll force me to go to sleep. We shall see. Goodnight my darlings, hope you all are sleeping well.

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Katie said...

Hi there! Thanks for following my blog. I'm not sure if you are still having trouble sleeping or not, but I learned this trick a few weeks ago. Close your eyes and count backwards from 50. While you are counting, make sure to say the number in your head, along with picturing it (I close my eyes and pretend to draw the number, while saying it in my head). It makes it so that you are are so focused mentally, visually, and hearing wise, that your mind can't wander. I always fall asleep by 47. It's the only thing that works for me... I hope it helps you!!!