Friday, January 23, 2009

Spring is coming!

Ok so it's not really coming that quickly, but I'm feeling the winter blues today and therefore am scouring the internet for cheap, fun things for the spring/summer. Enjoy!

This lovely violet swimsuit is at Target for a mere $34.99. I love love love the color and the style is very retro and cute, while sucking in any leftover holiday tummy (that I will hopefully lose before spring/summer)

These babies are from my favorite cheap shoe store Payless for only
$19.99 on sale. Not the cheapest thing at Payless but still quite a
bargain for these adorable wedges.

This cute umbrella is also from Target for $16.99. And for those of you
who are Sex and the City fans like me you will notice that both Carrie and
Charlotta carry this umbrella in the show. Yes I'm a dork, leave me alone.
I'm really into scarves lately and this one is silky and beautiful for a crisp
spring day. This is also from Target but it's out of stock at the moment.
This little number is on sale at Banana Republic for only $39.99! I love how flirty
it is without being over the top.

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A Balancing Act in Heels said...

I've always been a fan of retro swimwear, shoes and summer dresses!! Love your picks!