Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Posts In One Day!!

Well, the packing is done except for what I need in the morning. I've even painted to calm my nerves. No such luck! In the past two days I have found out three disturbing things:

1. I have to be in a video for Self-Checkout, I play the cashier. This will be seen by all 25,000 employees of my company.
2. I have to a dry-run of my presentation to the CEO himself!
3. The dry-run is BEING FILMED, again for the entire company to see.

Umm...did I mention I have never used the products I'm presenting and I just got the material to study 5 days ago??? Thank God I'm good at improv thanks to my college experience with presentations that I never studied for. Although I never had to do any of these in front of my CEO. Who also happens to very attractive (See picture) HELP ME


Jana said...

You'll do great! Take deep breaths, talk slowly and smile. And your cute shoes will help, too. Cute shoes = confidence.

Sage said...

If you get a chance to shop check out

Century 21 Dept Store. In Manhattan it is located across the street from the ground zero site.

Lots of designer stuff at a huge discount. We had a great time shopping there.
here's the link

Also H & M which was close to Rockefeller Center was a blast.

Have fun Manhattan is awesome

RachelAnn said...

Thanks guys! I did see C21 because the NY office is in the new building next to ground zero. It was pretty eerie being up 35 stories in a conference looking down on ground zero.