Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quick Recap

I'm beyond tired but wanted to give you a quick update because I won't have time to blog tomorrow.

Ok it's hard to see because of my crappy camera, but I have a scab on my chin because Paul's whiskers gave me something akin to rug-burn. (a.k.a. I finally got lots of kisses lol) And we're probably going to have dinner tomorrow : ) He also brought up the R word last night. "Relationship" as in.... he said "I want to take this relationship slow so we don't mess it up." I'll admit, that's a little fast for the R word but I guess we have been friends for almost a year now. I can't believe I thought we didn't have chemistry and thought he was a bad kisser. He is awesome! And we have amazing chemistry. Interesting. Also a very random fact, Paul's dad and stepmom have worked for Laura's (Miranda's cousin) parents for like 20 years so she knew Paul! Such a small world! Leave it to me to move to a state where I don't know anyone, then the few people I meet randomly know each other. Also, Laura's friend Amy is from the same hometown I'm from! I haven't met her yet but I'm sure we'll have lots of fun stories to share about the small town we're from. Such a random day.

Miranda and I have been painting all freaking day only to discover that the "trainee" at Wal-Mart mixed the paint wrong so we did 3 coats of paint only to realize they were two different shades of blue. Needless to say, tomorrow I will be turning on the bitch switch and getting some free stuff from Wal-Mart

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Island Girl said...

Glad the date went well! Sorry the paint didn't though :(