Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Diet...Day 8

Well, so far so good! I had a really stressful day yesterday and was swamped with work but still went to the gym at midnight! I did 45 of cardio then my knee about gave out so I just did the bike very slowly for another 15 min to keep my muscles from cramping up. Then I did 15 min of yoga to relax, and went tanning.

I tried on "the pants" this morning and I could button them and zip them but they're still very tight. 6 days to go!

I must say though that cardio gets addicting! I don't go super fast, that way I don't get too worn out too quickly but I find myself wanting to run longer! And I've also started looking at food as just a way to keep my metabolism going. I haven't been snacking at all and I go to bed hungry every night. I hope I get addicted to working out! How great would that be?? : )

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Anonymous said...

Keep the momementum going. You'll feel so much better!!!! (physically AND mentally) Congrats on the success.