Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Detective Work

I love my sneaky ways. Lance, from eHarmony mentioned something to me in one of his messages that got me to thinking...and Google-ing. Because of this I found his name, age, hometown, college, fraternity, and several articles he wrote about politics. Damn I'm good.

The good news is, he told the truth about who he is, the pictures are of him, and he is the age he said and from the town he said. So far he's honest. And we seem to have a lot in common. More juicy info to come!


casey. :] said...


im casey. :)

just found your blog.

your updates with the boys make me giggle a bit.

and sorry to hear about dallas, maybe something else even bigger and better is waiting for you out there.

hope you have a wonderful birthday even without the transfer.


RachelAnn said...

Thanks for reading!