Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For Your Entertainment

Well my lovely a single woman I feel it is my duty to entertain you all with stories of my dating life. And because of that, I have re-joined Eharmony. (Thankfully they offered me a month free trial since I used it before. ) After two days online I am now communicating with a man named Lance. He lives in Nebraska, he's 24, works in sales. And here is his profile!

He's pretty cute too. (Although I do have to say there is a very slight metro-sexual quality to his hair and I don't like pretty boys.) The only thing that bothers me so far is that in his list of "Must Haves" he put that having a very attractive partner is one of his top ten. Now, I know we all want a very attractive partner but I feel that it's a bit tacky to just put it out there. Or is it just honest? I do respect honesty. hmmmm.

The one thing Lance is most passionate about:

  • My family, career ambitions, my country, helping people, and my personal beliefs.

The three things which Lance is most thankful for:

  • My family
  • All of the opportunities that I've been presented with in my life.
  • Living here in the U.S. with freedom.

The most influential person in Lance's life has been:

  • My best friend Bill because we have remained friends for many years and share common interests. He will always tell me what he really thinks and I can confide in him with anything.

Lance's friends describe him as:

  • Ambitious
  • Sweet
  • Dependable
  • Genuine

Three of Lance's best life-skills are:

  • Long-term personal planning
  • Being a good friend and companion
  • Communicating my innermost thoughts and feelings

The most important thing Lance is looking for in a person is:

  • I'd like to find a beautiful woman that is very caring and thoughtful, friendly, sweet, smart, affectionate, independent, and fun to be with.

The first thing you'll probably notice about Lance when you meet him:

  • That I'm friendly.

The one thing Lance wishes MORE people would notice about him is:

  • It takes time to realize that someone has character and will follow through with what they say. It would be nice if that was evident right away though.

Lance typically spends his leisure time:

  • I enjoy hunting, hiking, kayaking, shooting guns, boating/jet skiing, exercising, reading, spending time with friends and family, going out to eat, watching movies.

The things Lance can't live without are:

  • family
  • friends
  • dogs
  • music
  • goals

The last book Lance read and enjoyed:

  • I'm reading Kill Bin Laden right now. It's written by a former commanding officer of Delta that led the hunt for Bin Laden in Tora Bora in 2001. I enjoy reading about miltary operations and how they work on a tactical and strategic level.

One thing that only Lance's best friends know is:

  • I'm always there to help my friends.

Ok Ladies, what do you think of him??


Undomesticated Newlywed said...

Oh..if Lance only knew you were posting this on your blog! I love that we get to help you choose...

I think he might be a not so bad guy...we'll need to hear more about him though ;)

Undomesticated Newlywed said...

P.S. I totally just realized that you are the Rachel that purchased the Jiffy Lube books...

I'm lame like that...I couldn't piece it together!

So sorry...I would have added in a nice little note in the mailing but I'm lame.

Thanks for supporting the cause!!

Jana said...

He sounds really nice and outgoing. He seems very outdoorsy, too. Seems worth looking into!