Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Diet

Ok my body is officially freaking me out. Yesterday I got weighed and had gained 8 lbs in like 2-3 weeks. Then today I try on "the pants" I've been trying to fit into and they fit! They're slightly tight but I could button and zip them and they feel fine. WHAT IS GOING ON?????

My doctor said my thyroid levels are fine so she doesn't know why my weight is yo-yoing like this. Weird.

On a different note I finally finished the paintings for Krystyn's girls! Here they are.... Hope you like them Krystyn! (sorry for the bad pic quality!)


Krystyn said...

I do love them! Thanks!

And, the diet thing...I always say go by how you look and feel and less by the weight. If your clothes fit better, you are in better shape.

Even though you are doing resistance training with no weights, you are still burning fat and gaining muscle. And while a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle...a pound of muscle takes up a lot less space.

Stephanie said...

Found you through Krystyn! I love your blog and those are super cute paintings for Izzy & Natalie!

As for the weight thing, I hear ya. I can gain so much in 2-3 weeks time and it seems that I will yo-yo back down. I'm on an up week now though and I'm fighting it tooth and nail....ugh!

Good Luck!

nikki said...

Those paintings are too cute!