Thursday, February 5, 2009

27 Posts Away

Ok....yes this is very premature but I can't sleep AGAIN and was laying awake wondering how close I am to my 100th post. Yes I am a loser ; )

Anywhoo, I will doing a fabulous goody box give-away for my 100th post. I almost feel like doing it now, but that would break with Blogger tradition. I'm think this goody box will be filled with fabulous girly things to pamper yourself with.

*In related give-aways.....(ok it's actually a swap) An Undomesticated Newlywed had this great idea to do a mix cd swap! She thought it would be a fun way for all of use to get to know each other better. Check out her blog and join the swap! I'm already working on my playlist.

Ok....I'm gonna go try to sleep again. This is getting really annoying.

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