Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lance, cont.

Here are his answers to the 3 q's I sent him. (For those of you not familiar with eHarmony, they do a guided communication to start with and you send them a certain # of q's back and forth to start with.)

1. Besides love, what one trait have you noticed in couples that have maintained a successful relationship for many years?
Well it's hard to say just one thing but I will go with open communication. If a couple is open and honest they can work through problems much easier. No lies and deceptions but a mutual understanding to address problems and try to resolve them together and move forward with the relationship. Dealing with issues is better than having them bottle up.

2. What are you looking for in a relationship partner?
A best friend and a lover. Someone that I have amazing chemistry with where it doesn't matter what we do as long as we're together. Someone honest and trustworthy that is very sweet.

3. Why did you join eHarmony?
I think it can be difficult to meet women at times. I'm not all into the bar scene and that seems to be the place most young people go to meet people. Having this to screen potential partners and examine compatibility seems more efficient than meeting a bunch of wrong people randomly.

Good answers!

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Krystyn said...

Yes, good answers.

And, this process makes me very thankful to be not in the dating scene anymore (not trying to rub it in...just saying)!