Monday, February 2, 2009

Breakup Blues and Cute Shoes

In an effort to bring myself out of the breakup slump, and keep myself occupied I spent the day cleaning my house. I woke up to find that all of my conference calls for the day had been rescheduled so I didn't really have any work to do (yay!) which left me with way too much time be depressed.

See not only did we breakup, but my birthday is on Saturday and now I have no one to celebrate with. I'm trying not to have a pity party here but it does kinda suck when your family and friends are scattered across the country and you just lost your boyfriend and you're one year closer to 30, and all alone. Ok, enough whining.

So, as I said, I was cleaning all day. I even dusted!!! Sarah-you would be so proud! I did dishes, scrubbed the tub and toilet, vacuumed, cleaned the couch, cleaned up my mess of work papers, organized my shoes, and even painted the frame of my giant picture which I've been meaning to do forever. Tonight I plan on starting the paintings for Krystyn's little girl's rooms, then I'm going to workout. But first- greasy Chinese food. Yes I know that completely defeats the whole purpose of working out but who cares. I'm depressed and therefore need eggrolls. Hope you all are having a great night!!


Undomesticated Newlywed said...

Chinese food sounds delicious. A grease eggroll is a quick fix to a broken heart@

Chloie said...

I've been through those before too. But as cliche as it sounds, time heals all wounds, regardless of how you feel right now. Cheer up! {Hugs}

A Balancing Act in Heels said...

Chinese food always heals a broken heart!

Anonymous said...

At least there ARE people from one end of the country to the other who love you and will be wishing they were there to celebrate your birthday with you!!! Maybe we could all eat a piece of cake at the same time that day :)

Jules said...

Eggrolls make it all better! I know it's tough going through a break-up, but it will get better. You sound like you got some productive cleaning done. I used to just sulk!

Krystyn said...

I'm sorry you are in such a slump! It's good you have a creative outlet.

And, I'm super excited about the paintings.

And, if you need more to clean, I can send you my address!