Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Soooo.... talked to the doctor. It was better news than expected but has left me in a state of frustration. Basically she said the doctor that did my pap was wrong and it wasn't a high grade change it was a low grade change. Which is good news except that I don't know which doctor to trust, the one that says it's bad, or the one who says it's worse. Lovely. Then to make it worse she says "As for doing the LEEP I'm leaving that up to you. If you were in your 30's and had a child already I would say definately do it, but since you don't have any kids lets wait and do another pap in a month."

So what to do? Which doctor do I trust? What's more important, getting rid of the cells before they turn into cancer and risk miscarrying every time I get pregnant, or do I let the cells grow and risk getting cancer? ROCK - ME - HARD PLACE


Jana said...

Could you go get a third opinion from someone else? It sounds crazy, but it might help you figure out what the best decision is for you.

RachelAnn said...

That's what I was thinking about but I'm not sure. I know people who have had it done and still had kids though. It's a low chance of increased risk. Lots to think about!

Sage said...

Have you considered just having the biopsy repeated?