Monday, November 17, 2008

pink trees and sleeping pills

Ok so I won't bore you with the details of my conversation with Weston.......but basically it turns out that his friends refer to me as the c*** he dated last year, his mom thinks he only loved me when he couldnt have me-and he isnt sure now how he feels. So I told him not to call me anymore until he knows for sure what he wants. I cried so much that I got home at 7pm and took two sleeping pills and crawled into bed. Then I got up, ate taquitos...yum...and am now watching friends. I also just bought a pink artifical 4' christmas tree from by the way is my favorite website ever! I think the medicine is starting to kick in though because I'm getting very tired. Tomorrow morning is the biopsy!! aaaahhhhhh I'm sure the rest of this week will be interesting. Maybe I really will just hibernate for the rest of the winter, but on the upside I get to see the fam for Thanksgiving next week.


Swistle said...

That pink tree makes me feel happy just looking at it. Which is nice to counteract the strangling feelings I'm feeling re Weston and the worried feelings re biopsy.

RachelAnn said...

That was my exact thought when I bought it!! : )