Monday, November 17, 2008


So I think by the end of this week I will quite possibly lose my mind. Weston has just left me a voicemail saying we need to have a serious discussion tonight-and it didn't sound like a positive discussion from his tone. Awesome. And I don't have much work to do today so I'm freaking out about my biopsy tomorrow and about talking to Weston. I may just crawl under the covers and hibernate for winter. Any suggestions on things I can do (besides cleaning and working out) to take my mind off things today? I'm thinking I should write an interesting blog but....what to write about except my ridiculous life???


Swistle said...

I like to read SCARY BOOKS when I'm tense. Like, Stephen King or something. They're so absorbing and tense, they take my mind completely off other things. Of course, then my mind is on ZOMBIES and BLOOD and so forth, so maybe it's six of one, half of dozen of the other.

RachelAnn said...

Good thinking! I love getting lost in a good book. I don't have any scary ones but I do have some funny ones that I could re-read. Chelsea Handler books are always good for a laugh : )

Jana said...

I'm a chocolate and chick flick gal. Some good chocolate (not the Hershey's crap) and a some girly laughs work for me every time. But Swistle's idea sounds good, too!