Thursday, November 20, 2008

how to survive my first minnesota winter

well, winter is officially here. No snow has stuck to the ground....yet. But the bitter cold that chills to the bone is definitely here. As is the dry skin from having the heat cranked up all day long. I've decided that the only way to survive the winter is to

1. not go out to bars at all because who the f wants to walk 5 blocks from where you park to get to a bar with annoying drunk people all the while trying to look hot in winter boots and a coat-because trust me I am not wearing heels and sexy clothes in this cold!

2. Stop shaving my legs to add warmth.

3. Start blogging regularly-what else am I going to do all day? Work? haha

4. Start watching movies I've never seen and reading books I've never read.

5. Finally break out that "Learn Spanish in 3 Months" cd set I got this spring.

6. Start cooking the gourmet recipes in the 50 cookbooks I have and never use.

Any more suggestions? And NO I do not want to take up knitting or ice fishing. I may live here but I will not be sucked into the traditions!!!

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