Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank God For Second Chances

Tonight made me realize that I need to stop bitching and whining about my insignificant problems because there are people going through much harder stuff and I have been so blessed in my life. I volunteer at a women's halfway house and tonight one of the girls I'm working with, who just got out of prison, opened up and told me about growing up with a mom in prison and a drug addict dad and how she ended up in prison but she was so happy and proud to tell me that she passed the Social Studies part of the GED test. I've been tutoring her for a few weeks now and it broke my heart to see that big smile on her face. She told me that this Thanksgiving she's thankful that she got the chance to get her GED and that in April her mom gets visitation again and she can go see her in prison. I almost cried right there because I've been whining about a guy and some small health issues and here is this woman who has had a horrible horrible life, sitting in front of me beaming with pride because she got out of prison and got her GED. And she is soooo THANKFUL and HAPPY! I thank God for my life and my family and how I grew up. I felt so small sitting in front of her realizing that I'm supposed to be the one helping her and she's helping me. It just reminds me that God works in mysterious ways and He taught me a really good lesson tonight.


Anonymous said...

God does work in ways we don't understand and you are blessed that He gave you that moment right before Thanksgiving . . . It's the old analogy of whether we choose to look at our glass as half full or half empty! Bless you for being there to encourage those women.

Jana said...

You are so right about remembering those who are less fortunate. It is SO hard to do in such materialistic times.