Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I rock

Well, after gaining the obligatory 5 Thanksgiving pounds I decided I need a plan! Also because I have a date with none other than my former bf Millionaire on Friday. (I need to stop calling him that but since that is what I referred to him as before...well you know. His name is Mike btw. ) Anyways, in honor of my 4 day crash diet I got up at 6am and went to the gym, worked out and went tanning and am even writing a nice little blog before I run off to my meeting. AND I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!!! For those of you that know me well you will know that I hate getting up in the morning and usually work out at midnight because I'm more awake then. But I've heard morning workouts give you way more energy during the day and help kickstart your metabolism whereas a midnight workout just keeps you awake all night and more tired the next day.

Back to the date with Mike. So Mike, whom I have not spoken to in 3 months since we broke up called me on Thanksgiving to see if I wanted to have dinner this week and try to be friends. Interesting. I smell a plot to get me back lol.
Now many of you (aka all 3 of you) may be wondering why I'm going on a date with Mike when I'm "waiting for Weston". Well I'll tell you! Weston called on Thanksgiving also. To inform me that he will call me after the NEW YEAR and that he wasn't sure now if he wanted to get back together and I shouldn't wait for him. WTF So, when Mike asked me to dinner as friends I felt that it was perfectly acceptable. Which it is.I also picked this awesome restaurant. We're having a late dinner on Friday. Hmm smells like a date, looks like a date, and he called to talk for 45 min last night. I'm thinking Michael has more on his mind than just friends.

On the health front I have decided to get the surgery done. Technically it's called a surgery but it's actually a 15 min procedure done in the doctor's office that only takes a day or so to recover from. Well I should say recover as in be ready to work etc. My poor little cervix will be recovering for 4 weeks though. Anyhoo, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Here comes Christmas!


Jana said...

Have fun on your "non-date" date. Weston's loss, Millionaire's gain.

And I'm glad you were able to make a decision about the surgery - I'll be thinking about you!

RachelAnn said...

thanks : ) Good luck with the CIO!