Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm a horrid slacker...I know

At the nagging of my mother.....I found time to blog, although I've probably lost all my readers by now~sorry!

Let me tell you why I haven't blogged in a almost a month......

1. I moved in with Clint a few weeks ago and now have an HOUR long commute
2. I started working at Victoria's Secret and they love me and have been dumping almost 30 hours a week on me (good for my wallet, not good for free time)
3. We've been re-doing the entire house, because let's face it ladies.....bachelor's houses need A LOT of work. Such as:
4. painting the entire upstairs
5. redecorating the entire upstairs
6. oh yeah...working my regular job at which I'm constantly working on documents that are freaking POINTLESS and time consuming
7. ripping up all flooring in the upstairs
8. laying down laminate flooring in the upstairs
9. helping take care of a 4 year old 3 days a week
10. getting the house baby-ready so we can have his 3 month old at the house finally!
11. reading up on how to be a good step-mom (any tips? thankfully my mother was a great stepmom to my halfsis so I had a good role model)
12. sleeping..when I can
13. visiting my parents for Memorial Day weekend (26 hours total roundtrip driving time, not fun!)

Am I forgiven? I'll try to be better about blogging when I have time........


Krystyn said...

That's a lot.

Glad things are going well.

You are definitely staying busy with all of your work and housework.

Sara said...

Wow, it sounds like you need a vacation. And, yes, bachelor pads do need lots of work.

Sage said...

Thanks for calling & congratulations from Debbie and I on the engagement. Can not wait for more details

Anonymous said...

I don't REALLY think I nagged ...just reminded you that those people who had been reading would like to know what happened to the whirlwind romance AFTER the dress selection :)

prashant said...

it sounds like you need a vacation.

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