Friday, October 10, 2008

online dating

well, it's been a long time since I've written. I tend to do that, write for a few days then stop for months on end. So let's recap the last couple of months to get up to speed.

Broke up with was a good thing.

Went on a few dates since then, including one last night that was very very boring.

Have found a new friend here who is basically me except that she weighs 90 lbs, has platinum blong hair, and fake boobs. But I love her and we hang out all the time which has kept me occupied.

Other than that it's the same old thing, working two jobs, volunteering, rearranging my house once a week (which is quite a feat considering I have a studio apt. there aren't that many combinations to choose from.)

So since Mike and I broke up, to keep you entertained .... all 3 of my readers.....I have jumped back into online dating just for fun lol. Danielle-new friend mentioned above-thinks I'm insane for having met two of my ex boyfriends online. I told her that you can actually meet a lot of nice guys online so I'm proving it to her.

Example 1: (Date last night)
Met him online at about 3 days ago. He's a preschool teacher, which I learned means he works part-time at a daycare, played basketball in highschool, going back to school for middle school education. I meet him at the restaurant and he's very attractive so things are looking up! I'm not a huge fan of kids other than my niece and nephew so the fact that he willingly works with screaming 2-4 years olds boggles my mind. So the date was a yawn although I had some amazing chicken tacos-yum!!! After the date was where I knew things would never work out. I like a man with confidence not one that's needy and clingly. After the date he didn't even make an attempt to go in for the kiss..which was dissapointing seeing as he was so cute. After the date ... he actually text me and said "So, do you like me?" ummm who does that????

So next week I should have more to write. I'm also talking to another guy on that site. Here are his stats: 29, divorced with 2 kids ages 4 and 2, has been divorced almost 2 years and had one gf since then but they broke up early this summer, works in advertising, italian!!!!!!, from NJ, moved here at age 14, loves hockey!!!! So he wants to take me to a hockey game which is sweet bc I love hockey. More updates to come!!

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