Thursday, September 20, 2007

God I hate my life tonight

Do you ever have those days that make you just want to pack everything into your car and get the hell outta dodge? Today was one of those days. So far this week I have lost my job, lost a large amount of sleep, come to the realization that I'm falling for the guy that's engaged, learned that he is also falling for me but is afraid to break his fiance's heart by leaving her, and also come to realize that I'm still in love with Mr. Big even though I try so hard not to think about him.

Both roomates are currently getting some from their respective boyfriends while I lay in my room trying to sleep and trying not to call Mr. Big. So I figured I would blog to take my mind off it.

Yeah, lost the job. The crazy bosses finally made the work environment just a little too crazy for my taste. The wife hid the trucks so our crew can't go out and do their job, she also stole $14,000 from the company. So her husband fired her (which he can't really do since they both own the business) he also fired his own daughter for taking the wife's side. He then had police brought in to escort them off the premises and brought in his drug dealing whore to be the new secretary. So me and my engaged co-worker hugged, said we would miss each other and proceeded to quit.

We then had a two hour conversation about how much we want to be able to see each other but we know that we would end up having an affair. He then told me he knows he needs to leave her but its just really hard after four years. We had lunch the next day didn't even talk about "us" which was nice. I'm going to miss him a lot. I realize he will never leave her, they never do. But we never did anything physical which I am so glad for! At least we never cheated-maybe emotionally I guess we did though.

After two glasses of wine I am slightly tipsy and wanting so badly to call Mr. Big but I know I can't. The thing is, I know he still loves me but he is so freaking stubborn. He really is just like Mr. Big on Sex and the City. Maybe 6 years from now he and I will make it work. Yeah....ok.

Goodnight everyone....hope you all have a better week than me.


Jana said...

Oh my have had quite the week and your bosses sound like they're totally nuts!

RachelAnn said...

yeah, they are : )

Anonymous said...

We all have days and nights when we hate our lives. Just don't "settle" for anyone you don't trust or who treats you badly. You never know which "tomorrow" will bring the RIGHT thing (job, man, etc.) and even the RIGHT things have there miserable days!!!!

RachelAnn said...

thanks, I know. Hopefully next week brings good news.

desperate housewife said...

Wow. Even with the breastfeeding round the clock, I'm not sure I'd switch places with you right now! I hope things get better soon.